Palm Beach Fragrance Diffuser 250ml - Multiple Scents

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From kitchen to bathroom to bedside, our 250ml Fragrance Diffuser will fill your home with aromas of your favourite fragrance - for up to 5 months!

Choose your scent -

Clove & Sandalwood - Earthy and luxe. Heady notes of jasmine at heart develop into a rich woody base. The ultimate blend of rich spices and musky masculine tones.

Coconut & Lime - This one's for the jet-setters, wanderlust's and sunset chasers. The perfect balance of creamy coconut and zesty citrus, this fragrance will have you dreaming of tropical holidays, days spent by the pool and days spent with your toes in the sand.

Linen - There's no better feeling than the smell of crisp fresh linen, so we captured it for you. Linen is a subtle, fresh fragrance with refreshing top notes of ozone (think mountain or sea breeze), the softness of the jasmine and woody undertones.

Posy - The ultimate floral bouquet. Subtly sweet with grounding hints of rosewood, Posy's soft, light fragrance will fill your home with all the fragrance of springtime.

Sea Salt - Of course we're beach lovers, it's all in the name. So, naturally, we had to dedicate a fragrance to ocean breezes and summertime: Sea Salt.

Vintage Gardenia - Spring meets summer in this classic scent, perfect for bringing your senses straight to the season of long days and balmy evenings.

Watermelon - Picture sandy coastlines on warm days, big fat juicy drips down your hands, maybe a cocktail or two. Our Watermelon fragrance is your ultimate summer companion and a true crowd pleaser.

White Rose & Jasmine - A delicate and uplifting perfume of white rose, jasmine and violet. A modern take on a classic feminine fragrance that evokes emotion, provokes memory and brings a smile to your face.