Cosmetic Tattoo

Eyebrow feathering/microblading, combination brows, and ombre brows are wonderful ways to enhance and fill your brows in a semi-permanent fashion.

Whether you are after a virtually undetectable look or prefer to elevate your brows with more definition, our cosmetic options allow for flexibility, versatility, and a customised look just for you.

Rachael has been doing cosmetic tattooing for over 8 years now. Her expertise in this field brings to the table knowledge that is invaluable in achieving beautiful brows.

Rachael specialises in natural enhancements when it comes to eyebrow tattooing. Her style is soft and subtle. She has fastidious attention to detail, spending time on each brow to achieve the softest blends and neatest strokes with the highest level of precision and accuracy.

Cosmetic tattooing aims to provide long-lasting results. This can help reduce the time and energy spent on your daily makeup routine in the long run.

Rachael highly recommends initially booking a 15-minute consultation. During this consultation, Rachael will go over your expected outcome and explain which technique is best for you. Included in the consultation, we discuss the process, pros and cons of each technique, colour selection methods, shape requests, and considerations and concerns you may have with the treatment.

Microblading (Also known as feathering): Utilising a blade, we create tiny hair-like strokes that mimic the natural brow pattern, allowing for a virtually undetectable eyebrow enhancement. This super natural enhancement is great for those who are new to cosmetic tattooing and request small changes and tweaks, creating a soft, natural base.

Most clients that invest in microblading still need to add a little bit of pencil or get regular eyebrow tints to build the brow up a little; however, for many clients, they prefer this flexible option. Microblading helps create balance and proportion but in a conservative way.

Ombre brows (Also known as Powder Brows): Ombre brows create a soft shaded look, similar to that of a soft eyebrow tint or a soft application of eyebrow powder when using makeup. With this type of brow, it is completely buildable, meaning either an ultra-natural finish can be achieved or a bolder brow can be created. The brow has a softer front and darker, more defined tail, giving it the ombre name it's known for.

This technique is better for brows that have medium to thicker strands, are naturally darker, have more prevalent gaps, oilier skin, mature skin, or when greater changes are needed to perfect a shape.

Combo Brows: The combination of both microblading and ombre. The beginning of the brow has microblading strokes that have a more realistic appearance, whilst shading is added to the mid-part and tail of the brow. This transitional fade allows for more depth and dimension than a simple microblading brow but also has enough shading that the brow result has a little more pop.


  • Microblading INITIAL: $550
  • Microblading Touch up (Under 3 months): $175
  • Microblading Touch up (3 - 12 months): $300
  • Microblading Touch up (12 - 24 months): $350
  • Microblading Touch Up (24 - 36 months): $400
  • Microblading Touch Up (36+ months): $450


  • Ombre/Combo: $700
  • Ombre/Combo Touchup (Under 3 months): $250
  • Ombre/Combo refresher (3 - 36 months): $550

*** Touch-ups are not included in the initial price. *** Touch-ups and refreshers when previous work is not Rachael's have a different price than the standard prices. If you would like a quote, please email or book in for a consultation in-clinic.






How long does the treatment take?

1.5 - 2 hours

Does it hurt?

There is discomfort experienced for about 20 minutes. Clients often say it feels like a jagged fingernail is scraping the brows. The rest of the treatment is completely pain-free.

Is a touch-up needed?

50% of clients need one touch-up treatment. Sometimes a 2nd touch-up is needed in very rare circumstances.

How often do I need microblading?

Initial Touch-up within 4-12 Weeks Maintenance treatment every 1 - 3 years

How do you choose the shape?

We choose the style and shape together. At the beginning of your treatment, we pre-draw a suggested eyebrow shape. We then work together to perfect measurements, symmetry, and get it exactly to your preference. We don’t start the treatment until you are happy with the pre-drawn shape. We can only tweak your shape and not completely redesign it. Sometimes we are presented with a situation where we can't perfectly balance out the brows, but we will make as many modifications as we can to ensure that the brow will look natural.

What are the Contraindications for a microblading treatment?


  • Pregnancy/Breastfeeding
  • Roaccutane
  • Warfarin


  • Blood-thinning medication
  • Botox + Fillers in the last 7 days
  • Prescription Strength Retinols
  • Diabetes

Is there any downtime?

You may leave the salon with brows that feel warm and sensitive, but this settles for most clients within 4 hours. When you leave the salon after your treatment, the brows can look a little bit darker and thicker than you feel comfortable with. Over the next 2-3 days, the eyebrows get darker and darker and look much thicker and bolder than what you had hoped. This can be rather confronting and an anxious time as the brows look incredibly dark, but this is all normal.

At about Day 4-5, the brows start to get a little dry, itchy, and flakey and start to lighten.

After 7 days, the brows look much more natural. Sometimes at day 7 they can look very light, and at times, some of the ink may have disappeared entirely, making you think that the microblading treatment did not work at all. This is all part of the healing process. The color comes back between day 14-21.

When will you see the final result?

3 weeks post-treatment.

Homecare Recommendations:

First 24 hours: We like your freshly microbladed brows to dry heal: Meaning as little contact with water as possible. No water, skincare, makeup, or excess sweating. Wash around the brows.

24 hours after the treatment - Day 8: Wipe your brows gently with a moistened cotton pad, every morning, then pat dry. Apply a small amount of aftercare with a cotton tip AM. If of an evening, the brows have dried out, apply more aftercare. Once all the dry skin has flaked off, resume normal skincare and physical activities. You must not rub, scratch, or pick the treated area. Gently pat dry the area only. Premature peeling will result in the loss of color. We highly recommend avoiding exercise, swimming, saunas, sunbathing, and makeup on the affected area for 7 days post-treatment.



What is Ombre Brows?

Ombre Brows give a light to dark effect. The results are easily recognized by the color gradation from the start to the tail end of the brow. The procedure uses a machine that creates thousands of tiny dots that build up to a three-dimensional natural eyebrow look. The inner bulb is light and soft, and the end of the brow becomes more defined and solid. Whether the client wants light shading or show-stopping bold brows, this treatment can be modified according to the client's desire.

How long does the treatment take?

Ombre Brows take between 3-3.5 hours to perform.

What should I expect during my Ombre treatment?

The 3-hour treatment is broken down into a number of parts: Consultation: we take the time to consult with you and go over all the information you need and answer any questions you have. Design: We take about 1 hour to pre-draw the brows with a special pencil. The pre-drawing process is very intricate as it's important to make sure the outline is what you desire. This process involves freehand drawing first, then we use rulers, string, and apps to make sure the design is symmetrical and balanced. Any stray hairs are then removed to ensure we have a super clean base to work with. We use a machine to then enhance the outline. The outline takes approximately 45 minutes. The thin outline is our framework for the entire procedure. The 4th part of the treatment is all about shading and coloring in. This is a lengthy part of the treatment. It takes about 1.5 hours to slowly build up to the right color. Constantly throughout the design, outline, and coloring process, we are showing you your brows, making sure you are happy at all times.

How do I determine the shape?

Eyebrows are like body shapes. You have to choose an eyebrow shape that goes with your brows. We have all tried our friend's dress on who had a different body shape to us and realized the dress did not do us any favors; the same rule applies to your brows. Some clients will have the ability to create any shape they want, others will be limited to shape changes due to varying factors. I will help guide you as to what your brow can pull off. Shape is determined by a combination of what the client wants and also some basic rules that apply to eyebrow shaping. It’s not a one-size-fits-all procedure.

Does the treatment hurt?

No, this treatment is surprisingly comfortable. If you have had feathering before, ombre is far more comfortable. I would describe it as a very comfortable treatment with minimal discomfort.

How long do Ombre Brows Last?

This varies from person to person, but most clients will get anywhere from 2 years to 3 years before it will need to be re-done again. Please note however each brow is different and ombre may fall short of the average longevity listed due to homecare, lifestyle choices, and individual genetics.

Will my Ombre Brows look natural?

Feathering is generally the most natural choice, however, ombre can be manipulated to either be natural or more of a makeup look brow. Ombre brows heal more like a tinted brow, so if you love a tinted brow in particular the day after the tint is applied, this is the healed result of an ombre treatment.

What's the healing process like?

Initially after your appointment, you will leave the salon with brows a little bit darker and thicker than you prefer. Over the next 5-14 days the brows will continue to get a little darker and will become dry and slightly scabby. Between day 5 and 14 this dry crusting will naturally fall off on its own. it takes about 21-28 days to see the final result.

What will it look like straight after the treatment?

It will look quite dark, a little sensitive, and a little thicker in shape, but most clients quite like it immediately after the treatment. Don't panic in the first 7 days after ombre or combo. The color that you are seeing is just the scab which will fall off on its own.

What is the homecare with Ombre Brows?

You will need to avoid water and exercise for a minimum of 7 days until the dry scab has fallen off. We also will get you to apply a special ointment on them during this healing phase from day 4. Letting them dry heal for the first 3-4 days is super important. Also, please avoid picking at them or removing the scab prematurely. Don't panic in the first 7 days after ombre or combo. The color that you are seeing is just the scab and can appear much darker than the true color. Trust the process.

What's the long-term care?

We recommend avoiding active skincare directly on your brows. Retinols, Acids, and lightening creams can slowly fade your brows so for ultimate longevity, we recommend avoiding these active ingredients on your brows for long-lasting results. Sun, chlorine, and saltwater also fade your brows over time, so avoid excessive exposure to these elements for a longer result.

Will I need a touch-up appointment?

Results vary from client to client. Many clients are happy with one treatment. It is quite common though for clients to want them darker and thicker on the touch-up appointment, and this can absolutely be modified on your touch-up appointment. Sometimes there are small gaps or shape irregularities that need perfecting. Touch-ups are needed in many instances to help perfect the healed result. A touch-up appointment is an extra cost. 50% of clients will need a touch-up.

When is the touch-up performed?

Between 4 - 12 weeks after the initial appointment

What is the cost of the first initial treatment? (Price subject to change)


What is the 4-12 week touchup price? (Price subject to change)

Up to 1.5 hrs $200

After 2-4 years, what’s the price of a refresher Ombre Treatment? (Price subject to change)


If I have botox can that affect the brow procedure?

It's fine to continue with your anti-wrinkle injections but I recommend getting botox etc. at least 10 days before or after your treatment.

Botox can sometimes aid with symmetry. Some clients also request a higher arch. It will take a combination or both botox and cosmetic tattooing like ombre or feathering to achieve this lifted effect. If the ombre brow or feathering is performed too high or too much above the natural brow hairline, it will look too artificial.

Will I Still have to wax my brows after the treatment?

Ombre Brows does not stop hair growth, so maintenance or removal of hair is still needed. However, most clients getting ombre or feathering done, do find that the defined shape makes maintenance pretty low.

Can ombre be done over previous feathering?

Yes, it can, but this will be a case-by-case scenario. If feathering is too dark or too strong still, we will advise waiting until it has faded considerably for best results

Can I get Ombre if you're pregnant?

We will not perform this treatment if you are pregnant.

Clients NOT a Candidate

  • Blood Thinning Medications
  • Botox fillers within 10 days of treatment
  • People with a history of keloid scarring
  • Uncontrolled Blood Pressure
  • Immune Disorder
  • Viral Infections or diseases
  • Diabetes (caution needed)
  • Epilepsy (Caution needed)
  • Previous tattoo or microblading that is too strong as an ombre effect may not be seen. Contact us if you are interested but have previous feathering or tattoo.