IPL, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light, is also known as a Photo-facial. This treatment uses light energy to target certain colours in your skin. It particularly is loved for the visible improvements it can make with anything brown or red in the skin. If you suffer from redness or pigmentation from sun damage, this can be a wonderful tool to help achieve improvements to uneven skin tone.


  • Full Face: $250
  • Full Face + Chest: $400
  • Neck: $100
  • Chest: $250
  • Hands: $150




How does IPL work?

IPL uses light energy that is attracted to different chromophores in the skin resulting in improvements in skin tone. Both redness and pigmentation can be improved with IPL treatments.

What does IPL treat?

Broken capillaries, Brown Spots, Discolored Skin, Rosacea, Fine Lines, Freckles, Redness.

Who shouldn’t get an IPL treatment?

Darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick 5 or higher). Fitzpatrick 4 will need a prior consultation first before booking. Hormonal-based pigmentation like melasma, Skin that has current sunburn, Pregnancy and breastfeeding, Taking particular medications that cause light sensitivity, Prone to keloid scarring, Had recent sun exposure, Recent Spray tan or tanning cream usage.

Is IPL painful?

IPL treatments are delivered with the sensation of heat from the handpiece. Patients will experience a short, quick zap of heat energy. The sensation is often related to the sensation of a rubber band flick on the skin. IPL treatments have minor discomfort and are usually tolerated quite well.

What to expect post IPL?

After your treatment, the skin will feel a little sunburnt and warm. The amount and degree of side effects this treatment can generate depend on the skin condition, settings used, and severity of the skin condition. Over the next 1-10 days, you will experience some redness, heat, grazing, scabbing, crusting, mild bruising, breakouts, and possibly minor swelling. This is all normal. Again, all normal and part of the process. The skin takes 7 - 10 days to heal in most cases. The body can take longer to heal (Up to 14 days). If IPL is being used for gentle rejuvenation, little to no side effects will be seen.