Facials (Classic & Advanced)


Signature Rachael Facial (NEW) (75 mins) $185

This facial has everything and is everything. Combining elements of some of the most powerful technology in the world, paramedical active ingredients, calming elixirs, ice globes, and relaxation, I mean no stone is unturned. Feel instantly refreshed, oxygenated, radiant, and plump like no other treatment. You have to try this treatment at least once in your life.

The Oxygenation Facial (60 mins) $149

Combining elements of heat therapy and cold therapy, we are bringing the skin back to life with this results-driven facial. A quick circulation boost will ensure fresh oxygenated skin that is plump, hydrated, and radiant.

The Mindfulness Facial (60mins) $149

The perfect gift for a loved one or the perfect self-care facial for you. We start with a 10-minute back massage and then immerse you into a state of complete relaxation with this mindfulness stress relief. Beautiful skin has never been so relaxing. Every time a client has this facial they walk out saying they will absolutely be back for another one.

The Customisable Facial (60 mins) $139

Double exfoliation, double masking, and all the bells and whistles that a traditional facial has. If you love a basic facial and want it completely customizable to your skin (even sensitive skin), then this classic treatment is for you.

The Microdermabrasion Facial (60 mins) $135

An oldie but a goodie. High exfoliation is at the core of this treatment, so if you love micro and loved our old multivitamin facial, then this is for you. Bright, fresh, ultra-clean, smooth skin.


The Cinderella Facial (75 mins) $300

The perfect pre-event treatment for your skin to be red carpet ready. This treatment will make your skin bright, luminous, and so glossy and hydrated. Includes: Hydrafacial + RF Skin Tightening + Dermalux Medical Grade LED + Multivitamin Infusion

The Glazed Doughnut Facial (75 mins) $300

If you want to shine bright like a diamond and glow like a glazed doughnut, this treatment will certainly tick that box. This treatment also involves shaving the fat and removing fluffy hair. Includes: Hydrafacial + Dermaplaning + Dermalux Medical Grade

The Preservation Facial (75 mins) $350

I often get asked what treatment to do monthly to preserve the skin's youthful appearance and make it radiant and plump, well, this treatment is your answer! It's a client favorite and recommended every 1-2 months for maintenance of beautiful skin. Includes: the big guns such as our no 1 Hydrafacial treatment and Laser Genesis treatment + Multivitamin Infusion.

The Plasmatic Firming Facial (2hrs) $350

This combo is all about tight, firm, and plumped skin. This DMK facial enhances the skin's circulation, hydration, and detoxification processes and will show an instant lift to the skin. Includes: DMK Muscle banding + RF skin tightening Technology + Dermalux LED

The Laser Facial (60 mins) $315

Another wonderful way to preserve the skin's youthful state and aging process. Includes: Laser Genesis + Paramedical Skin Peel + Dermalux Medical Grade LED + Multivitamin Infusion